Below is the step by step explaination of the sequence to sequence model using convolution.

Each block of code is explained in detail

Step1.Tokenize English and German text from a string into a list of strings

def tokenize_de(text):

return [tok.text for tok in spacy_de.tokenizer(text)]

def tokenize_en(text):

return [tok.text for tok in spacy_en.tokenizer(text)]


The below diagram explains encoder convolution:

Encoder Convolution:

I have explored a few PyTorch functions:

These 5 functions can be found in:

An short introduction about PyTorch and about these functions are as follows

  • torch.zeros : creates an tensor(out of matrix) with all values 0
  • torch.view : re-sizes the tensor to specific dimension
  • torch.add : adds two tensors
  • torch.copy_ : copies one tensor to the other
  • : to move the tensor to a specific device…

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